GlenDisc is a independent record label and publishment based in Sweden. We have a wide range of musical genres i our catalogue. The concept with our record label is to offer partners a way to reach out to the public through our digital distribution network. You become our partner by letting our amazing recording studio be your closest source of creativity.

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Erik Nielsen

Erik Nielsen is a Swedish pop artist, famous as participate in Swedish Idol 2014. His single I'll go was a succes and was followed by

the single Won't cry, a very naked music video and his latest album Almost Naked.

Hanna Stockzell

Singer/song writer from Sweden. A former member of and Co-founder, songwriter and the artist behind the world wide dance concept Les Mills BornTo Move. 

Appears in Konami's DDR in several games.


Okå is a Swedish Alternative Rap group consisting of Christoffer Zaar, Tim Nilsson and Frida Green.

The music mixes rap with modern pop/rock music. The music is performed in Swedish. They released "Möt herr mig" in 2012.

Dick Örnå

Dick Örnå is a music producer and a songwriter. His music is sung in Swedish on the local accent "Scania" which is spoken down in the south part of Sweden. The music is pop and rock, mixed with Swedish folk music.

J-Mi & Midi-D

J-Mi & Midi-D are Canadian electronic music producers consisting of Jamie Thompson and Dave Phaneuf. They are most well known for their work in Konami's "Dance Dance Revolution" series and's PATW.

GlenDisc produced and recorded PATW in 2008. The group consisted of two girls, Veronica Almqvist and Hanna Stockzell. They toured in USA 2008-2009 and got a #7 on the Japanese topp chart with "Koko Soko".